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For Sausage, Cider and Ale aficionados

From 17th - 19th September, 2021 the Ringwood Round Table Sausage, Cider and Ale Festival will take place at the London Tavern. The event is to raise funds for Ringwood Carnival.


The Ringwood Carnival: Ringwood saw its very first Carnival in 1928! It was originally set up to fund the purchase of a certain field from local man Mr. Carver, as well as to raise monies for the Royal Victoria & West Hants Hospital. Carnivals followed in 1931 and 1934, when the Coldstream Guards marched through the town in full dress uniform.

The first Carnival after the war was in 1950 and has continued every year since. Today the Carnival is Ringwood’s largest and most important annual community event.

The 2021 Carnival was cancelled because of the Covid epidemic. but it will be back in 2022.


The London Tavern dates from the 1860s when Mr Robberts who lived in what was then a house failed to acquire any brandy in the vicinity for a lady who was taken ill.

Angry that he could source none of the medicinal liquor, he opened a pub in his home. Having connections with the capital and being known as ‘Johnnie Londoner’, he named the pub The London Tavern.

It has served the community in Poulner ever since and now as well as dispensing brandy, serves ales, wines and spirits, excellent food, teas, coffees – and jokes that are as old as the pub itself!



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