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Proposed Development on Meeting House Lane

Below are three visuals:

a) Concept 1

b) Concept 2

c) NFDC's preference





Concept No. 1 shows the refurbishment of a 1950s building, constructed shortly after World War II out of cheap red brick.

Concept No. 2. shows the architects' preferred option which is designed to fit in with the architecture of the Market Place and to help attract people from the Furlong down Meeting House Lane into the Market Place and the High St

The proposed design (c), preferred by the Planning Department of the NFDC, adds nothing to the architecture of the town. The argument that a 1950s building should be essentially retained, despite the fact that it has no discernible architectural merit and that it is at odds with it historical surroundings, must be open to question

In addition the NFDC favours turning the adjacent consulting rooms at ground level into two semi-detached residential properties, thus creating a dead zone in Meeting House Lane in the sense that the converted properties will be of interest to no one other than the residents of the two houses, Any sensible plan for the future of Ringwood's town centre must deal with the issue of how best to attract shoppers from the Furlong into the town centre (i..e. the Market Place and the High Street.). We need to increase rather than diminish the "offer" to shoppers, both residents and visitors.

If you feel strongly about the choice of designs, please contact your Ringwood Councillor, or the architects, Evans & Traves LLP (Tel: 01202 826219), to express you views.


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