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The road less travelled?

Below is a summary or recent and future road closures which will impact traffic flow around and into Ringwood.

Q. What road closures or traffic management will be in place?

A. Initially the work will start with pipelaying through Bickerley Common. This will be followed by a road closure on Bickerley Gardens in August and September 2021. We will work with residents to maintain access for them.

Two, three and four-way temporary traffic lights will be used to manage the traffic on Mansfield Road as pipelaying progresses south towards the Mansfield Road/Christchurch Road junction in September to December 2021.

Further traffic lights will be required in November and December 2021 at the Furlong and Mansfield Road/Christchurch Road junction.

Source: Bournemouth Water

Comment: Given the only vehicular access to the High Street and the Market Place is now via Mansfield Road and then Christchurch Road, prepare for delays as best you can. Many are likely to try to avoid the affected roads altogether.


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