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   Questionnaire about shopping in Ringwood
1. Do you live in Ringwood?
2. Do you ever shop in Ringwood Shopping Centre?
3. When you shop in Ringwood, how do you get to the Shopping Centre? 
4. When you shop in Ringwood, do you shop in:
5. Is Ringwood your main shopping centre?
6. Which other shopping centres do you use?
7. What would lead you to shop more often in Ringwood?
8. On average, how long do you spend in Ringwood Town Centres?
9. What do you think of the car park arrangements in Ringwood Town Centre?
10. Should there be more or less on-street parking in the Town Centre?
11. Approximately what percentage of your shopping, in terms of money spent, do you do online?
Classification Data (for demographic analysis only):

Any information you provide by filling in our questionnaires will be treated in the strictest confidence,, will remain anonymous and will be used only for statistical analysis..

Thanks for submitting!

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